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Fishing with Kids

Have you ever had the opportunity to see a childs face and the reaction they have when they feel a fish bite at the end of their line? If you haven’t I hope that I can encourage you to take a child out and give them the chance to show you what an incredible experience it really can be. I have shared many times my experiences with parents and one of the saying that I love to leave with them is “Learn who your children are from the [Read More...]

Family Fishing

I am Ranger Rob I have always enjoyed the outdoors since I was a kid. My Father made hunting and fishing an everyday part of my life. He was a Boeing Executive, but using the outdoors as your stress relief made him a great Dad. Well, I grew up and had my own family of a great wife, daughter and son, and I started taking them fishing from day one. It is amazing what you can do with a kid on your back. I took those kids everywhere with us. It did [Read More...]